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Quest International University Perak: One of the few Universities that not only make the students be

Quest International University, Perak is a privately formed, comprehensive university located in Malaysia and is owned by Blair Education Services.

Quest International University,Guest Posting Perak is a privately formed, comprehensive university located in Malaysia and is owned by Blair Education Services. It was formed in 2008 to cater to the students in Malaysia as well as other Asian countries to transform their educational horizons and inspire them to attain maximum knowledge on the subjects they love.  The Quest International University Perak (QIUP) believes that nurturing the potential and talent of every student is a must and to harness the knowledge of the student is the prime aim of the university altogether. The institute also believes that the students are indeed the top priority and to ease out the educational flow amidst the students, the university is peculiar in mixing theory with practical knowledge to impart education in a fun and more comprehensive manner. The Quest International University Perak also has its connections in two specialized universities in India viz. KLE University, Belgaum and International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. The University also has pending tie ups with several other national and international universities across different parts of the world which would only improve the standards of the educational body in the future.

Once a student graduates from QIUP, he is ready to face the job sector more confidently and with better dreams of his future. Quest International University believes that graduating from the university makes the student better acquainted with meeting and facing challenges in the job industry unlike other universities which have the sole aim of imparting education to students only. Another highlighting aspect about QIUP is the emergence of working in a green environment. QIUP encourages its خالد عزازى students to love the environment at work and nurtures a caring heart along with studies to make them a better protective human being especially when it comes to the environment. Students and staff will also be encouraged into using electric buggies and buses to move around according to the management.  Quest International University, Perak has a strong goal to excel as a knowledge house for students and become one of the most sought after and finest universities in the world as well as to make a prolong commitment to quality teaching and imparting education to students at a prima donna level. It also aspires to have a holistic educational approach to make students better aspirers for the future. The Quest International University Perak has also set up a few objectives to increase the educational standards. Some of them include high quality undergraduate and post graduate programs for the students in the fields of science, health, economics and that would surely have an impact on the global and economical front. To let students discover and innovate juxtaposing to studies in their respective fields. The university also aspires to work in tandem with the social and global community of the country itself to improve the socio economic development of the region as well.